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Prefabricated Wall Panels
Go Panelized! Advance your construction project with prefabricated wall panels


Structural components can accelerate your project and help you save at the same time. Pre-manufactured structural components are built to your exact specifications and significantly cut your projected completion estimate – in many cases, your construction will be completed in half the time, making your clients happy while optimizing your crew’s time and minimizing errors and waste.


Build more, save more, grow your business

Panelization accelerates your output, allowing your firm to take on more work in the same amount of time. Studies show that contractors who choose pre-fabricated panels are able to complete jobs up to 40 percent faster than those using a traditional stick-frame method. This time savings results in a more efficient and accurate process and bigger cost savings overall.


Reduce waste, save the planet

On average, lumber waste is reduced by 50 percent or more, and sheathing waste is cut by 60 percent. With less wasted materials, the entire process is more efficient and contributes to your green initiative.


Panelized components reduce your overhead

If finding skilled labor is a challenge, panelized components can help. Using pre-fabricated panels reduces the need for highly skilled labor and can reduce the size of your crew, contributing to your cost savings.


Call Advanced Building Components today to learn more about getting started with prefabricated wall panels.


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